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Ginger Milk Curd 姜撞奶

Ginger milk curd is a traditional dessert originated in the Pearl River region of Guangdong. The main ingredients are gingermilk, and sugar. Water buffalo milk is used in the original recipe. Nutritional Ingredients Ginger milk crud is rich in essential human iron, zinc, calcium and other inorganic salts and vitamins and other nutrients.   Main body positive effect Ginger are warm, spicy, the temperature of the milk curd can prevent and cure vomits, and it is natural plants that positive to human health Milk nutrient-rich, easy to digest and absorb, inexpensive, easy to eat, is the most “close to the perfect food”, called “white blood” in traditional Chinese medicine  

Method of preparation

First, cut a piece of old ginger into small pieces and grind the ginger to fine. Then, squeeze the juice out by pressing the ginger through a sieve. Put the juice into a bowl. Next, bring the milk to a boil and dissolve sugar in milk. Take off heat and allow it to cool a little. If you have a kitchen thermometer, place your kitchen thermometer into the milk. The optimum curdling temperature is 70 °C (158 °F). In the mean time, stir the ginger juice thoroughly. When milk temperature decreases to around 75-70°C, pour the milk quickly into the middle of the ginger juice. Wait for two to three minutes. The milk will then be curdled, and may be eaten with a spoon.

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