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Taro Jelly 芋圆

Taro Jelly is a famous and popular Chinese traditional dessert that was originate from Fujian and Taiwan. To name it so called ‘taro jelly’ are mostly because of its shape and taste, it might not have a general English designation, therefore others might call it ‘taro dumpling’ or Yu ’Yuan.

You might surprise that there won’t be much information about Taro Jelly on Google, neither much records nor tale about it, however the sweetness taste of the taro jelly is contrary to its name, therefore it’s always worth to explore about Chinese gourmet rather missing them.


4 spoons of white sugar

Taro 300g

Potato powder

Water 120cc


after steaming taro into the muddy shape, mixing sweet potato powder and water into balls, rubbing it into a long bar shape and then cut into small square pieces, put it into the boiling water to until it floats out and picked it up from the steam water and it shaped into the taro round. Making it slippery and elastic by adding sweet potato powder, otherwise spreading the white powder instead to make it softer.

Instead of using taro, mung bean could give you an alternative choice! They are one of Taiwan’s nine famous snacks. others taro round and can be eaten in the icy sweet soup. In Taiwan and Fujian, many desserts such as bean curd, shaved ice, can all add some taro rounds and sweet potato round covered for delicious edible.

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