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ZongZi 粽子


“Zongzi”, wrapped by bamboo leaves with glutinous rice inside, is one of the traditional Chinese food festival. Zongzi appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period in China and was originally used to sacrifice ancestors and gods. To the Jin Dynasty, zongzi became special food for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi is not only one of the deepest traditional Chinese food in China, but also spread far to Japan, Vietnam and Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and other places.

Basic approach to make:

The first step, first use boiling water to bamboo leaves cooked thoroughly, and then pick three or four bamboo leaves for one zongzi;

The second step, fold the middle of zongzi leaves, add into half of glutinous rice, and then according to personal preferences to add jujube all kinds of beans or other meat, egg yolk, bean paste; add more rice, pay attention not to put too full to prevent leakage of rice;

The third step, use a string and tightly wrap zongzi up, hit the knot; put zongzi into boiling water for 20 minutes, you can

Category: In China, zongzi are different in different regions because of different customs and tastes. There are two main kinds of zongzi: sweet and salty taste. People in northern China mainly like sweet zongzi, like white water zongzi, red bean zongzi, broad bean zongzi, dates zongzi, rose zongzi, melon seeds zongzi, bean lard zongzi, jujube lard zongzi and so on.

Salty zongzi is popular in South ChinA, like pork zongzi, ham zongzi, sausage zongzi, shrimp zongzi, diced zongzi, etc., but more pork zongzi.

Food Tips:

  1. put in the refrigerator

The main ingredient of zongzi is glutinous rice, with red dates, bean paste or meat, so in the hot summer weather it is very easy to degenerate.

  1. heat zongzi before eating

Zongzi is best not to cool to eat, heat it thoroughly before eating. First, glutinous rice and zongzi stuffing are easy to degenerate food, heating is not sufficient, it is prone to food poisoning; the second reason is because the cool zongzi is over the oil and too sticky which is more likely to cause indigestion.

  1. do not eat too much per day

Zongzi are made of glutinous rice, lack of fiber, high viscosity, easy to digest. Do not eat more than 50 grams of zongzi every day, that is, half or one. Especially gastrointestinal diseases and diabetics is best to eat or not eat, the elderly should not greedy Tan Liang, the best sub-small pieces of food.

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