Chinese Dumpling Making Workshop

This event is part of the 2018 Bristol Food Connections festival – a citywide celebration of the fantastic, varied and delicious food culture in our city. From the 11th – 17th June, BFC will shine a light on the diverse people, businesses and organisations that make our city’s food culture so incredible. Head to the festival and embark upon a voyage of discovery and exploration, learning about all aspects of the journey of food – from field to fork.
  • Friday 15th June
  • 18:00 – 21:00
  • The Forge, Colton Yard, Bristol, BS1 5BD
  • £35

Sorry, we sold out the tickets for the Dumpling Making Workshop. 

If you are interested, we run another one workshop about Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony 中国茶道 on 17th June. 

You are still very welcome to come!

Time:  13:00-15:00 Sunday 17th June 

Location: Second Floor, 41-45 Merchant Street, BS1 3EE

About Chinese Tea ceremony

One of the earliest written accounts of Chinese tea ceremonies can be traced back thousands years ago. Attention to tea preparation and serving was core to Chinese tea connoisseurs.

The event will be led by Chinese food specialist and nutritionist Yi Zeng, in this workshop you will:

  • Smell, taste and experience 3 different Chinese teas (White Tea 白茶,Puer 普洱. Dark Tea 黑茶)

  • Understand the tea-making process

  • Witness a tea ceremony demonstration.

  • Learn basic Mandarin words related to Chinese Tea.

  • Enjoy Chinese tea snacks.

Through traditional methods of preparation, Yi Zeng will help you understand the wonderful nutritional benefits of drinking Chinese tea.

This event is held together with Bristol Chinese Language School.

The Space

This place is offered by Bristol Chinese Language School. One of the Bristol Chinese culture communication centres where provide all different kinds of Cultural salons, Chinese cultural classes and Mandarin classes.

About the Tutor

Yi Zeng is originally from China, and grew up in the city that was mixing with all different culture and cuisines across China.

She started professional cookery training in the University and achieved Master’s degree of Nutrition in University of Bristol. Yi specialises in making authentic and tradition Chinese street food, like dumplings, bao, dim sum and noodles. She is also a Chinese dance teacher, Mandarin teacher and Tai Chi teacher. If you are interested about Chinese food and culture, then do attend the class and connect with Yi.

Yi started a Chinese street food project called 90Foodlab since 2016, which is all about delivering the authentic Chinese cookery workshop to local people using organic and healthy ingredients. The project is now run as a student social enterprise supported by University of Bristol.